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The use of our services through the website are governed by terms and conditions mentioned on this page. We encourage you to go through these terms and conditions carefully before proceeding any further. Once you give your consent to our T&C, it is understood that you have read and agree to all these terms and conditions. It is better to leave the website right now if you have any objections later on. The terms and conditions mentioned under each section of this page are applicable to visitors and users of services of lustgirls69.com.
We would like to make it clear at the outset that lustgirls69.com is not an escort agency. It is a platform on the web meant to promote the business of independent girls and escort agencies. If you are a visitor or an escort agency using the services provided through this portal, it will be deemed that you agree to all the terms and conditions of lustgirls69.com. These terms are applicable to even those who are using this site just for the purpose of browsing.

If you accept the T&C of lustgirls69.com, it means that you also give your consent to the following


You must be over the age of 18 to visit and use the services provided by lustgirl69.com. If you are a minor according to the rules of the country you are living in, you should immediately exit from the website. You must be legally free to visit and read the adult content published on this website. Proceed further and enter the website only if you agree to this condition. By proceeding ahead, you agree that lustgirls69.com is for the entertainment of adults and it contains not just sexually explicit images but also contains adult terms and language, audio clips, and videos that are suitable only for individuals over the age of 18.


If it is not permissible for a guy of your age to visit such websites and see nudity, we suggest you leave the website right now. If you continue to visit the website, it is understood that you are an adult and know everything about the laws regarding use of such material in the society you live in.


If you are violating the terms of this agreement, then you are liable for punishment as per the laws in your jurisdiction. The management of lustgirls69.com will not be responsible for any violation of laws by you in this regard.


You understand that the photographs, written content, and other kinds of content published on this website is purely for adult entertainment purposes. It is mostly provided by third parties and the management of lustgirls69.com shall not be held responsible for it. We do not endorse or agree with the content published on this platform.


The management or staff of lustgirls69.com is not associated with the girls and escort agencies found on this website. We are not responsible for any dissatisfaction with the quality of service or loss of money or valuable to those who use the services of these girls. We do not agree or give consent to any of the activities taking place in closed doors between the girls and the users of this website.


However, we are there to help you in case you find that any of the models or escort agencies linked to this website is not following healthy and safe practices while providing their services. Write an email to us at [email protected] and you will get a quick response from us.


We would like to make it absolutely clear that it is completely illegal to copy, download, cut and paste, save, modify, add or delete any content or part thereof published on this website. Strict action will be initiated against you if you are found violating any of the terms and conditions mentioned in this agreement.


At lustgirls69.com, we reserve the right to make any changes we deem fit to any of these terms and conditions any time we so desire. This is the reason why we encourage our customers and visitors to keep visiting this page containing terms and conditions. If you continue to use the website and its services, it will be understood that you have read and abide by all our terms and conditions.

General T&C

Payments made using credit cards to lustgirls69.com are governed by the terms and conditions mentioned on this page. You have to accept these terms and conditions before making a payment with your credit card.


The management lustgirls69.com reserves the right to make changes to these terms and conditions and intimate its users 30 days before these amendments take effect.



Only the person who is authorized to use the details of the credit card should enter such information to make a payment to lustgirls69.com. This is not only to ensure correct information but also to make sure that only the authorized individual uses the credit card. Once we have received the details of the credit card entered by you, it is deemed that you have authorized us to charge the money mentioned in the communication to the credit card.


Payment confirmation

Once you click on the submit button, you are intimated about the payment that has been deducted from your bank account for utilizing a service. This is a confirmation of the payment made by you.

You give your consent that you will not do anything harmful to the functioning of our website during its use. You promise that you will not cause any damage or impairment in any way so that it becomes inaccessible to the customers. You agree that you will not carry out or indulge in any illegal or unlawful activity that can be categorized as fraudulent and harmful to it.

We do not allow copying of content or part thereof for the purpose of publishing, rent or licensing. You are also prohibited from transmitting any spyware, malware, Trojan horses, viruses, rootkit, and any other known or unknown types of computer programs that are malicious in their intent.

Data mining or scraping is strictly prohibited on lustgirls69.com. Copying or downloading of any material from our website is not allowed for commercial or personal purposes. You cannot use any photo, video, or information of any of the girls or escort agencies published on lustgirls69.com for commercial purposes.

Images and descriptions of the independent girls and models of escort agencies published on the website of lustgirls69.com are genuine to the best of our knowledge. We do not allow our customers to upload fake or photos taken from the web to dupe our visitors. If anyone brings to our notice fake picture or information provided by a model, we take immediate action and delete the account of the model. We reserve the right to decide whether the fee paid by the model or escort agency is to be refunded or not.

Verification of the photos of the model can be done by users of our website. These requirements are clearly stated in the account of every user. The verification photo provided by the models is for our internal use only and it shall never be published on the website of lustgirls69.com.

We are very particular about nudity on our website. If we find any photo of a model depicting genital nudity, the photo is immediately deleted and the account holder is given a strict warning not to repeat this mistake in future. If the model cannot arrange another photo instantly, we have the option of blurring the portion of the photo depicting genital nudity.

No model using this platform is a minor. They are all over the age of 18 and adults responsible for their actions. We allow only independent models and escort agencies to use this escort directory for their business purposes. Other escort directories are strictly prohibited from using our platform for commercial gains. If any of the profiles are found to be associated with a particular escort directory, we reserve the right to delete them immediately.

No profile or post goes online on lustgirls69.com until it has been scrutinized by our management in all respects. If there is any doubt or suspicion regarding the age as mentioned in the profile, we confirm the same by asking the identification proof such as Aadhar card of the model. If a particular photo of the model is not suitable for business purposes, we reserve the right to delete it form the account of the model.

Making duplicate profiles of the same girl or deleting the photo and then uploading another photo of the same girl is strictly prohibited on lustgirls69.com. Once such malpractices are brought to our notice, we do not take time in deleting the accounts of these models or escort agencies. It has to be understood by every agency that we allow putting up profiles of unlimited numbers of models but every single profile should be unique. If an agency tries to create several profiles of the same girl, we will suspend the account of such an escort agency.
User content refers to all the text, images, audio clips, and video clips posted by the model or the escort agency on the website of lustgirls69.com. These terms and conditions are applicable to this user content also. Once submitted, we have the sole licensing rights to this user content. We have the right to not just use but also adapt, translate, and distribute the same to our sister publications or other media in future. You give us the license to take all actions considered appropriate if there is an infringement of our rights to the user content.

You agree and give your consent that your user content will abide by all the terms and conditions mentioned in this agreement. You also agree that the user content submitted by you will not contain anything that is unlawful or infringes on the legal rights of any third party. It should not contain anything that can be challenged by a third party as infringing his sole property rights. We reserve the right to reject any user content that is found to be in violation of the laws of the land. We can treat content that has been threaded with legal action in the past in a similar manner.

We prohibit submission of photos by model and escort agencuies that contain external links, water marks and email addresses printed on them. If we find any such photo in the account of a model, we will immediately take action to delete the photo and the account of the model.

Finally, lustgirls69.com has the right to edit or delete any user content that has been submitted on the website of lustgirls69.com.
This applies to all the models and escort agencies using our platform for their promotion. To make sure that their listing on lustgirls69.com is approved; all models and escort agencies need to display the banner of our website on the home page of their websites. Their websites also need to carry back links to lustgirls69.com. If it is found that there are no backlinks on the websites of these escort agencies, we will automatically delete their accounts on our portal.

The management of lustgirls69.com keeps a close watch on the home page of all its partners. We have an automatic system that detects the presence of the banner of our portal on the home page of the websites of all the models.

This free advertisement arrangement is symbiotic in nature. If we promote the business of models and escort agencies, they need to do the same for our portal.
Though the promotion of lustgirs69.com is our responsibility, we allow our customers to utilize paid advertising so that their banners can be placed prominently at the top or side of the portal. We have many flexible payment options that models can choose according to their convenience. It takes nearly 48 hours to make an advertisement of a model or escort agency live on the website of lustgirls69.com. Parties other than models also use our portal for their advertisement. We advise you to go through the terms of payment and other conditions regarding paid advertising on lustgirls69.com.
It has always been our endeavor to provide best possible service to our customers. So confident are we with our services that we offer no questions asked, 72 hours full refund of the payment made by our customers if they are not satisfied with the quality of service. If the customer comes up with a valid reason why he felt dissatisfied with our service, he gets full refund of his payment. However, he has to make a request for refund within 72 hours of the purchase of a particular service.
We allow our customers to cancel their subscription to any recurrent service any time they so desire. Once we receive the request for cancellation, the customer will not be required to pay any future payments. However, there is no guarantee of refund of the payment for the current cycle.
Lustgirls69.com has the right to prevent access to the website of any of its customers at any time. It can result in destruction of all information about the customer stored or saved on the website and the servers. The decision in this regard is solely of the company and the customer has no right to appeal against termination of his services.
The management of lustgirls69.com is no way responsible for any harm or loss of any kind to the users of this website on account of their interaction or dealings with the models or escort agencies on this portal. We neither supervise, nor control the interaction between the models and their customers in any way possible. We are not liable for any loss of money if you pay in advance without receiving the service. Lustgirls69.com is only a platform to bring together models and their customers and we assume no liability for any fraud or loss to the visitors of the website.
Privacy of our customers and the visitors to the website is very important for us. We make every effort to ensure the privacy of everyone using this website. We never divulge the personal details of any of the visitors to our website to any third party under any circumstances.

The information we request from the users of the website is done only to manage their accounts in a proper and more efficient manner. It is also done to provide them with a seamless web experience. To know more about how we handle the information collected from our customers and visitors, please go through our privacy policy in detail.

We will not sell, rent, or even disclose the information about our customers to any third party. It remains confidential and visitors can use the services of the models and escort agencies with full confidence. Their identities’ remain anonymous at all times until we are forced by the authorities to share the information of our customers with them.

Of course, we expect you to understand that we need your name phone number, email address, and credit card details whenever you place an order for the service of a model or escort agency. It is through these details that we are able to serve you quickly and easily. However, you should remain free form worries as all the personal details provided by our customers are kept in a safe and secure server. No one has the liberty to access to this data base without authorization for lustgirls69.com.

We have the most secure SSL encryptions for all credit card payments made by customers to avail of the services of models. You can rest assured that your credit card details will always remain safe and secure with us.
The photos, text, and audio-visual clips published by models and escort agencies on lsutgirls69.com are subject to copyright rules of the DMCA. This content can neither be copied nor reproduced in any form on any digital platform and any violation in this regard will be strictly dealt by the management of lsutgirls69.com.

You are allowed to download and store the content published on lustgirls69.com for personal entertainment purposes. If you see any content in violation of copyright rules, you only need to inform us about it by sending us an email. We will immediately delete content that violates copyright rules. However, to get content violating copyright rules, you need to submit evidence in support of your claim.

We make every effort to ensure authenticity of information and content published on the platform of lustgirls69.com. We urge all the models and escort agencies to publish on the content that is correct and authentic. It is not just the models but also the visitors of this website who are required to be over the age of 18. It is only when the visitor confirms that he is over 18 that he is allowed to enter the website. We also ensure that all images of models are real and authentic and not fake.

Lustgirls69.com is not responsible for any incorrect information or photos posted by a model or escort agency. We are also not responsible for any violation or infringement of intellectual property rights of any third party. It is the responsibility of all the promoters to contribute money to pay for any compensation claimed filed by any third party. Lustgirls69.com will not even pay for the legal counsel to fight for any such case of compensation. We are not responsible in any way for the violation of intellectual property rights of anyone on account of any photo or content published on the website of lustgirls69.com. We make it mandatory for all escort agencies using this platform to ensure that the photos of all the girls are over the age of 18. We undertake no responsibility for the accuracy or authenticity of the information provided by the models. We have not produced and published the images and the text on the website and hence cannot be held responsible for any false information. You must contact promoters directly to complain about any misleading or incorrect information. Do not ask us to furnish contact details of promoters as we have the same details that you find on the ads of these promoters.
Lustgirls69.com has the sole rights to add, delete, or modify the terms and conditions and their parts at any time it deems fit. We make effort sot keep our visitors and promoters informed about these changes and encourage them to keep visiting the page of T&C on a frequent basis. If you continue to use the website, it will be assumed that you have given your consent to all the terms and conditions regarding usage of the features of our website.

If you do not agree with any of the terms and conditions mentioned here, it is better to exit from the website rather than go on using it.

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